Study Visa

Study Visa

Vision Consultancy provide professional consultancy and counselling to students wishing to go for higher studies to Australia, New Zealand, Canada, UK, USA, Dubai, Malaysia, Cyprus, Europe. Turkey.


Our Counsellors assess your educational background, interests, strengths weaknesses and changing market trends and offer you with best available destination and courses.


To study abroad you'll need to apply for admission to an institution. Vision Consultancy apply on your behalf with the universities & colleges of your choice and get the acceptance letters on your behalf. We coordinate with the relevant institute admission office on your behalf to ensure the process progresses efficiently.

Visa Application

Vision Consultancy complete your visa application. We advise you on the paperwork and official procedure of Student visa. Vision Consultancy is known for being most informative consultancy firm and have track record of most successful student visa cases.

After Support

Vision Consultancy will make sure that you enjoy an amazing lifetime experience of studying abroad. Vision Consultancy shall lead you to live a happy and successful life abroad on student visa.